Personal Accident & Injury Case Studies

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Case Studies

Our client was assaulted during a rugby match, suffering severe facial bruising and lacerations.
The client launched a criminal injury compensation case and our studio photos proved invaluable as a record of the extent of the injuries immediately after the event.
A nursing assistant was stabbed by a patient at work
The client was on a night shift in a residential care psychiatric unit. She was asked to help restrain a violent patient and received stab wounds to the stomach. We were asked to photograph the scarring at our London studios.
Work Site Injury – A 21-year-old building labourer sustained damage to his teeth after being hit by the chute at the rear of a cement truck. We were asked to provide photos of the dental implant work required for use in a compensation claim.

More Case Studies

Playground Accident - Boy, aged 8 was playing on a local authority play area. He fell and banged his head on an exposed rough edge on a metal post. The head wound required stitches and our injury photos, taken on location at the hospital helped in a compensation claim against the local council
Work Accident - The client worked as a machinist in a furniture factory. He was using a lathe cutting tool that was inadequately guarded. He stumbled, causing his shoulder to slip into the machine resulting in a serious shoulder injury requiring stitches.
Cyclist hit by car on a roundabout- The claimant was an eighteen year old student cycling to college. On a round about, a car driver pulled straight out into the path of the cyclist, knocking him over. The cyclist suffered light lacerations around his body and also broke his toe. We photographed the injury in our London studios.

Yet More.......

Burns on arm caused by fireworks
The client was a teenage boy who had a firework thrown at him when passing an alley way. His arm was badly burned and needed extensive skin grafts.  The scarring was extensive. We provided a set of studio photos which were used to recover a substantial sum from the offender.
Passenger in a car accident at work resulting in bad scarring to her arm and other parts of the body.
Our client had suffered serious personal injuries - a fracture to her hip and severe damage to the forearm, Pins, plates and screws had been inserted to stabilise the bone. Our personal injury photos helped the clients solicitors to claim a substantial amount of compensation


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