Digital Scanning and Printing

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Digital Scanning

We can digitise and print all material relating to an accident and injury compensation claim.

Digitised material is provided on a data disc (DVD). Printed materials can be provided on photographic paper or high quality laser paper.

Our Scanning & Printing Services include

  • 35mm and 120 photographic slides
  • X-Ray images
  • Colour and BW negatives
  • Documents of any type

Scanning and printing of documents and media is carefully done resulting in unsurpassed clarity and accuracy.

Digitised images are burnt to CD, DVD or can be printed out.

Positive X-Ray Prints

Reversing a negative X-ray image to produce a positive print may enhance fixation devices such as screws and plates and make the anatomy more pronounced.

Postive Reversed X-Ray

Positive x-ray printing can be very useful in the court room and is a proven favourite among many lawyers.

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