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Video Depositions

One of our specialties is providing high caliber deposition videos  throughout London. Our mission is to deliver, accurate, compelling video that assists in winning your case.

Our Video Services include

  • Legal Deposition  videos
  • Day in the Life video
  • Construction site video surveys
  • Accident re-enactment videos
  • Court settlement videos
  • Video inspections
  • Wills and prenuptial videos

Depositions are legal proceedings in which a witness provides answers to questions asked by both the defence and prosecuting counsel.

Legal Video Services

One of the uses of video depositions is to hear testimony from a witness that cannot come to court due to illness or physical mobility problems.

An advantage of video depositions over written depositions is that the video will show body language and non verbal communication which may help the viewer in forming an opinion on the credibility of the video statement.

Video testimony is also important for another reason: some jurors have a short attention span or may have learning disabilities that interfere with reading or paying attention to long blocks of text. The us of video depositions can help to overcome this problem.

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